History of the Nationals

Canadian history is filled with incredible innovators, and the sport of skydiving is no different.  From the first Canadian Invitational Parachuting Championships in 1959 to the most recent 2019 Nationals being held at Skydive Wasaga Beach, there is no question we have come a long way.  With everything from chute-less jumps to wingsuits being flown on the edge of cliffs and even landing in boxes we have pushed, stretched and even completely relocated the edge of the envelope beyond what many even thought possible.  If not for the incredible men and women throughout the history the sport, we would not know the true joy of human flight and the unbelievable connection with not only the moment but the people as well.  As we celebrate 60 years of competitive skydiving in Canada we look back and celebrate the athletes that inspired us to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and become a member of such an incredible sky family!

Historical Results

History of Parachuting and the CSPA

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